Australian Centre for Autism and Neurodevelopment OPENS to address growing need for services

Growing demand for streamlined autism and related services has spurred an experienced team of psychology and neuroscience experts to introduce the first Australian Centre for Autism and Neurodevelopment (AusCan).

AusCan is led by qualified professionals and is NDIS approved to provide a range of complementary services that address a child’s brain development from the early stages of an autism or neurodevelopmental diagnosis.

The centre draws on both established and emerging practices that are backed by a substantial bed of evidence-based research. Its approach of bringing neurodevelopment and behavioural therapies together is an Australian first and enables families to isolate and target areas of concern from a multi-disciplinary capacity.

AusCan Clinical Director, Ms Nerida Saunders, said the centre offers a welcoming and supportive environment for families facing the challenges of a diagnosis.

“When a child receives a diagnosis the emotions are unfathomable. This is followed by information overload in an attempt to discern the best course of action amidst the internet noise and professional advice. It is of no surprise that most families who come to us feel nothing short of overwhelmed and often defeated,” she said.

“Our approach aims to relieve the stress. We assess each individual on their specific needs and introduce families to a range of therapy options with guidance and direction from qualified professionals in the area of neurodevelopment and psychology.

Our environment is inclusive and supportive. It is filled with like-minded families and inspirational stories that help create a positive pathway for parents and caregivers. We are driven by the belief that a diagnosis is not a life sentence, and we’ve seen first hand at how effective our therapies can be.”

AusCan is home to therapies such as neurofeedback, auditory training, Transcranial Direct Stimulation (tDCS) and psychology and counselling services. The centre also engages with other complementary service providers in an effort to ‘activate the brain to enhance a child’s capacity to learn’.

The centre’s overarching service model addresses the whole family and the impact a diagnosis can have on each individual family members. Programs can be implemented in isolation or in conjunction to therapies such as Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) to potentially improve the therapy outcomes.

“The brain is an amazing and flexible tool and there is literally no limitations on what can be achieved. This belief is central to our work and we continue to work with universities and international research to source proven and relevant therapies,” Ms Saunders continued.

“AusCan represents a vehicle that can potentially expand awareness of key neurological therapies to those who could benefit from them the most. We have already witnessed positive, if not life-changing results.”

AusCan is based in Tweed Heads with potential for roaming consulting services.