Psychology and counselling service

Psychology & Counselling services

Supporting the whole family

Autism and neurodevelopmental disorders not only affect the individual, they can have a profound major impact on the parents, carers and siblings.

Parents often struggle with balancing the demands of a dignosis with maintaining strong and healthy relationships with their spouse, and siblings may also experience the sense of ‘’taking the backseat’’ or feelings of resentment towards their brother or sister while their parents focus is (understandably) on finding the best available treatment for the child with difficulties.

Siblings may also have difficulties with increased responsibilities and independence; while this may be of great help to the family, counselling around these changes are recommended to ensure the best outcomes for all. Rarely does the outside world really understand the stress, the trauma, and the beauty or raising a child with difficulties.

AusCan offers a range of personalised psychological service options each children or adult and their family.

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Free initial consultation

We are here for you if you want to take the first step and discuss your individual needs to find a program that works for you.

Initial assessment

Every family will receive an initial and detailed assessment to support an integrated program that best suits their requirements, time and budget.

Fully confidential

We are qualified and accredited professionals and work under a strict professional code.